Kids are cool. And cute. And fearless. And funny. And curious. And wide-eyed. And creative. And mischievous. They give us jaded folks new eyes everyday, in every way. Simply, kids rock. And because they rock, we want to show them off. We want to unleash their raw potential and personality. Mimobee isn't about over-designed clothes, loud prints and colors, and graphics. No more bling! We design basic, yet stylish clothes, with strong design points, so that kids can just be kids....but with a cool sense of style, n'est-ce pas? We are putting the 'fashion' back into 'kids fashion' and letting the clothes make the child, instead of overwhelming them. How about that? Novel concept, yes? We are freeing the child to fully express themselves and build confidence through simple, comfortable, and stylish clothes that makes a bold statement. Less is More.


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