Posted on 14 March 2017

So I couldn't seem to understand the obsession all the kids had with slime.  All I kept hearing about was that slime was banned from all of my daughters' classrooms and kids in their school were all making it and selling it.  So we recently watched a bunch of videos and figured out the perfect recipe. 

Once I started playing with it I couldn't stop.  It is pretty addicting.


Step 1 - Elmers Glue


Yes we bought the industrial size!  We used 1 cup of Elmers Glue for a small container of slime and 2 cups for a jumbo container.


Step 2 - Shaving Cream

Add shaving cream making sure you're adding less than the glue that you started with.


Step 3 - Foaming Hand Soap

We used pear scented foaming hand soap to give it a nice scent.  Be creative and use your favorite.


Step 4 - Baby Powder


This gives it another pleasant scent and dries it up a bit.


Step 5 - Hand Lotion

The hand lotion makes it stretchy and very flexible so according to Mia you can never add enough.  Just make sure it's less than the glue you started with.


Step 6 - Food Coloring (Optional)


You can have some fun here and mix different colors together or even add glitter.  We were not so daring but mixing red and blue gave us a nice shade of lavender.


Step 7 - The Magic Ingredient


Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Borax in 1 cup of water.  Add 1 tablespoon at a time of this mixture and you will start to see the slime solidify.  Add the Borax solution slowly and continue mixing with your hand until you get the right consistency. You don't want to add too much because it won't be as pliable.


Step 8 - SLIME


Then we started stretching it and kneading it and trying to make bubbles with it.  It's unbelievable how kids love watching videos of slime being made and things you can do with it.  You really don't know until you try.  I suggest making some slime with your kids.  They will think you're the coolest!  It's a great indoor activity during these cold and stormy days!







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