Our Invite to the Oscars

Posted on 03 March 2017


Back when I had first moved to Los Angeles, I was living with a very good friend of mine from acting school who was at the time working with well known actors as an acting and dialect coach on and off set.  We were invited to an all week long Oscars party by the owner of Flaunt Magazine, a Los Angeles based art, fashion and culture magazine.  We had gone to the Casino night in his Beverly Hills Mansion where I was on the same team shooting pool with Omarosa from The Apprentice.  We came back another night to watch a couple of local bands play, including Balthazar Getty's band 'Ringside'  The last day before the Oscars we were there for a beautiful luncheon that was followed with a gifting event of top companies nestled in every room of this mansion giving away their products to all the celebrities that were at the lunch.  My roommate and I were so naive that we didn't think that we could walk into any of these gifting suites and try on a pair of $300 jeans and get to keep them.  We thought they were only for the celebrities and that we would be asked too many questions if we even attempted to take anything. 

Fast forward twelve years later and our company, Kamari Kids, gets an email inviting us to be vendors on the red carpets' gifting suite for this years Oscar's.  Of course Sabrina and I are excited to learn more so we call the woman back.  During the conversation, she praised our website and talked about how she loved all the pieces that we had chosen to sell in our boutique and that it would be a great fit for the celebrity gifting suites.  



Only a few companies were chosen and we would have an opportunity to meet and take pictures with over 150 celebrities that were invited to the event and an opportunity to grow our brand on social media.  This sounded like an awesome opportunity, but here was the problem...We are a small business, we would have had to fly out to Los Angeles, stay in a hotel, pay to have the space (packages started at 5k and went up to 15K) at the gifting suites and give our stuff away for free.  Now, maybe it would have been worth it if Ryan Gosling  came in and picked out an outfit for his daughter Esmerelda and tweeted about us and it went viral, but we weren't ready to take that gamble at this time at the price of minimum 10K, so we had to say no...maybe next year!

It did feel good to get recognized by a huge company whose sole function is to connect companies and brands with celebrities.  How awesome is it that we were chosen from an array of children's boutiques and praised for our style?  It really was just an honor to be nominated.





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