Living by Lists

Posted on 21 July 2017


So writing this blog post is just the first of many things on my to do list this week.  I think I live my life on lists.  At least that's what my husband thinks.  I tend to hand him one every week as well.  It's part of the way that I stay organized and focused with work and everything else I do really, which is extremely difficult once summer hits.

It is also very hard to stay motivated when you are running your own business.  My partner, Maria, and I talk about this all of the time.  There really is no one to be accountable to except ourselves so it's very easy to let things slide and put things off for next week when it's something we're not crazy about doing.  We are the queens of procrastination



We will literally be sitting in the   office and come up with all of these awesome ideas and milestones that we want to reach and when it actually comes to pulling the trigger and starting, it can go on for months. 

I have a small notebook that I always have with me that is my "to do" notebook for work.  I love to list everything that needs to be done and is open and then cross off as we get things accomplished.  There are some things that never get crossed off the list but the important day to day items seem to get handled.



I actually organize my day with a list, usually the night before, so I know what kind of day I have ahead of me when I wake up in the morning.  Too much planning? Maybe, but I just don't know any other way.  There are always errands to run, things to do around the house and things to do for work.




With summer in full swing, I have to carve out time to hang out at the pool and the beach, play some tennis, and get together with family and friends.  This all needs to be included on the list so it doesn't get forgotten.  Summer is also one of my favorite times to catch up on some good reads.  So that weekly blog post sometimes gets postponed.  Glad I put it on my list and get to cross it off today!







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