Holiday Gift Guide...Boys Edition

Posted on 10 November 2016

1.  Rowdy Sprout Led Zepplin Tee
2.  Maa Philox Shoes
3.  Appaman Trex hat
4.  Appaman Skinny Black Cords
5.  Rowdy Sprout Bruce Springsteen Tee
6.  Appaman Flannel
7.  Lauren Moshi Aerosmith Sweatshirt
8.  Jagged Culture Punkasaurus Hoodie
9.  Appaman Gym Sweats


 This year I told myself that I am going to get my holiday gift shopping done early.  In the past, I was always the one running around Manhattan shopping on Christmas Eve trying to finish up.  It was so stressful waiting on these long lines and looking through stuff that has been thrown around, asking for sizes that are usually not available, well, not this year!  This year I'm going to be prepared!  

Both my husband and I have big families so the list can get pretty long, which is why I prefer to shop online these days.  There won't be any lines to stand in, no fighting over who grabbed that sweater first and I can do it all  in my PJ's at 11 at night if I want.

With Black Friday coming up, we wanted to give you a head start on what to shop for your lil' rockstar.  Check back soon for more gift guide editions!






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