Denim Days

Posted on 11 February 2017


 (Appaman Faux Fur Coat, Yporque Ballet sound tee, SC Denim Jeans, Maa Shoes)


I don't know about you momma's but I definitely feel my best when I'm in jeans and a T-shirt.  My daughter on the other hand won't go near a pair of jeans. (Except for our photo shoot above, which required some bribing)  I believe it started when she finally was potty trained and she was having a hard time unbuttoning them and pulling down the zipper in time.  The thing with potty training, for those of you who have been through it, is that you want your kid to succeed, so you do whatever will make it easiest for them to not have an accident.  So to avoid any accidents I started to put her in leggings only and from there her dislike of anything denim or just anything with a zipper and button began.

While we can all agree that leggings are adorable and super comfy especially for a kid in school, there are just certain outfits that would just look better with a cool pair of jeans.  Luckily the denim they make for kids these days is so different than your old stiff toddler jeans.  Todays denim is soft and has some stretch to it.  They make jeggings for kids which looks and feels like denim but still has the same pull on and off ease of a legging.  They are also extremely comfortable to wear.  Even the original five pocket style denim is super soft these days made with high quality cotton that has been washed and washed over and over again in order to feel buttery soft.




Appaman distressed black Jeggings with a faux fur coat and black boots nails the rockstar look to a tee.


Ripped SC Denim boyfriend jeans and an oversized sweatshirt is perfect for school days or running around at the park


SC Denim loved by the Kardashians too!  North West and Penelope love wearing their custom denim.


Boys can rock denim too!


(Jagged Culture Skull n Bones pullover, Appaman gym sweats, Button down shirt, Hendrix tee, SC Denim jeans, Maa Shoes)

 Our model Alex jumping around in the same pair of SC Denim Jeans as Sophia (they are unisex).  Both light and dark wash look cool on either boy or girl.

Rowen Christian is another brand of denim we love.  Their attention to detail is what makes these jeans so rad.



Leather accents and special pocket detail lend to the uniqueness of these jeans.


The great thing about kids denim these days is that you don't have to worry about style. Whatever you like to wear, whether it be a pair of jeggings or some comfortable boyfriend jeans, you can always find the matching style for your lil' one.


P.S.  Sophia actually let me put a pair of jeggings on her 2 days ago...progress!




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